HDPE Pipes

PipeFlo manufactures HDPE (high density polyethylene pipes), otherwise known as black plastic pipes at its Koedoespoort Factory in Pretoria.

The factory consists of six extruders and can manufacture HDPE pipes from 20 mm up to 450 mm Outside Diameter. Polyethylene’s unique properties, especially HDPE’s, chemical stability makes this material ideally suitable for use in various applications such as the mining and irrigation sectors.

PipeFlo manufactures:PipeFlo Supplies:
SATAS SANS 4427-Part 2:2008 HDPE PE100 pipes from 25 mm – 450 mm Outside Diameter. Can be connected with compression fittings sizes 50-110 mm. Sizes 110-450 mm usually connected with a combination of butt-fusion welding, stubs and backing rings. Pressure Nominal (class) range from PN 6*-25. (*only from 200 mm OD and upwards)      LDPE Pipes from 15-65 mm Inside Diameter Class 3. Connects via Free-Flo or Nylon Insert Fittings 
Non-Accredited HDPE Pipes from 250 mm – 200 mm Outside Diameter. Can be connected with compression fittings sizes 110 mm. Sizes 110mm usually connected with a combination of butt-fusion welding, stubs and backing rings. PN10-PN20.Fabricated, Moulded & Electro Fusion fittings
HDPE Sleeves. Manufactured to tolerance. Used for a variety of applications such as:Stubs & Flanges (Backing Rings)

Due to its easy jointing and superior properties, HDPE will prove to be the long-term solution for a variety of sectors: farmer, farm production, farm management, fruit and vegetable processing, urban household and housing, oil and gas exploration, the mining industry, the chemical industry, sugar factories, watershed development, waste land development, landscaping, and numerous other applications

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