HDPE Pipe Fittings - Stubs, Flanges (Backing Rings)

PipeFlo supplies a multitude of HDPE Pipe Fittings from HDPE Stubs to HDPE Flanges (Backing Rings) for various HDPE Joints.

HDPE pipes are able to fulfil a range of applications. In order to get the most out of the versatility of these pipes, HDPE Pipe Fittings such as HDPE Stubs and HDPE Pipe Flanges (Backing Rings) can be utilised when doing any HDPE Jointing.

Stubs and Flanges are used to join pipes along with metal backing plates and sealing gaskets. Using Stubs and Flanges in conjunction with solid Backing plates not only ensures the safe conveyance of fluids, gases and solids, but makes it possible to easily move HDPE pipes at a later stage by boosting the bolts and nuts.

PipeFlo provides high-quality, reliable HDPE Pipe Fittings for industrial pipe systems and professional HDPE Joints.

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