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About Us

Since starting out in 2000 with only three small extruders manufacturing a small range of polyethylene pipes (20mm OD to 90mm OD), PipeFlo (also pronounced pipe flo or pipe flow) has developed into one of the leading High-Density Polyethylene Pipe Manufacturers in South Africa and has supplied a multitude of high density pipes to numerous satisfied customers across the globe.

PipeFlo currently has five extruders capable of manufacturing pipes from 20mm OD up to 450mm OD. These pipes are for a diverse range of applications ranging from mining, agricultural irrigation, horizontal drilling, construction applications, borehole drilling and garden irrigation to highly specialized products such as pipes for steel relining or inners for conveyor idlers.

Let PipeFlo help you with your HDPE Pipe needs

What does offer?

SATAS Certified HDPE Pipes (SANS4427-2:2008)

Manufacturing pipes from 20mm OD to 450mm OD.

Pipe Fittings – Stubs & Flanges, Manufactured Bends & Fittings

Supply of stubs & flanges, manufactured or moulded bends, end caps and compression fittings.

NON-Certfied HDPE Pipes

Manufacture of non-certified HDPE pipes for specific applications

Pipe Services – Welding

Butt welding is a long term or short term permanent solution for pipe jointing. PipeFlo can do in-house welding for your products or we can arrange for on-site welding.

Why Choose Pipeflo - #1 Leader in HDPE Pipes

High Quality Products

PipeFlo is one of the leading top quality HDPE Pipe Manufacturers in South Africa.

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PipeFlo is a registered exporter and has exported black HDPE pipes directly and through customers to numerous countries

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HDPE Welding and Jointing

Qualified butt-welders on premises to perform in-house welding of pipes

Connections and Fittings

On-premises manufacture of Stubs and fabricated fittings through PipeWeld. Supply of compression, electro-fusion, fabricated fittings, flanges and other pipe accessories.

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Safe on-time delivery to your specified premises by our skilled drivers.

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PipeFlo is ISO/SANS 4427-2:2008 and ISO9001:2015 certified.

Our History


Factory start-up

Our factory started with three small extruders serving mainly the irrigation market.


SANS4427-2:2008 Certification

We received our SANS4427-2:2008 certification


ISO9001:2008 certification

During 2015 we received our ISO9001:2008 certification.


SATAS SANS 4427-2:2008 Certification

We received our SATAS SANS4427-2:2008 Certfication


ISO9001:2015 Certification

ISO9001:2015 Certification

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Pipeflo, as one of South Africa’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of SATAS quality HDPE pipes ranging from all sizes and classes including 20mm,25mm, 32mm, 40, 50mm,110mm, 160mm en 200mm and more.

Download our complete list on HDPE pipes manufactured to SANS4427-2:2008 PE100 pipe specifications.

You can best assured that you will receive our best price on all our products from pipes, stubs, compression fittings, electro-fusion fittings, fabricated bends and in-house welding.

Need a custom quote per m? Speak to our sales team today.