HDPE is a high-density polyethylene often indicated by the logo of chasing triangles with the number 2 inside. This is also the durable container for your 2lt milk or that bottle of Handy Andy.

At Pipe Flo we manufacture the highest quality HDPE piping. Read on to discover the use and benefits of HDPE.


HDPE plastic is light, strong and durable, this is the very reason why it has found so many uses and applications. The plastic is very resistant to adverse weather conditions from harsh sunlight to extreme colds and rain. It is very hard for the plastic to react with chemical substances which is what makes it a great carrier for detergents and kitchen cleaners. Perhaps the best characteristic is that HDPE plastic can be put to good second use if it is recycled; this process is also simple and cost effective

Applications of HDPE Plastic


Toys are naturally a good use and application of HDPE plastic. Toddlers and kids can be some of the most destructive forces in the world which is why many toy manufactures opt to build their toys with HDPE plastic.

Food and Beverage Containers

As stated above, given HDPE plastic’s high resistance to heat and cold; it’s capability to hold and store food makes it a preferred choice for food storage. A container that is non leaching and durable would find itself a prized possession anywhere which is why you should always return the Tupperware after you are done with the leftovers.

Outdoor Furniture

As the plastic is very resistant to elements of the weather, it is a suitable material for outdoor furniture. After unfriendly weather you would simply need detergent and a cloth to give it all wipe and it will be ready for use

Chemical Fluids

As HDPE plastic is non leaching which means minerals that are found in the chemical fluid do not seep into the plastic polymer because of its build and make up. As a result, HDPE plastic is ideal for shampoo and body lotions.


These are large black sleeve pipes that are suitable for allowing liquid flow over large distances. These pipes can be utilized on almost any surface: underwater, above ground, floating and underground.

The high-density pipes have greater flexibility, dimensional stability, durability, structural strength and toughness

These pipes used to be tricky to bond but today we as Pipe Flo can connect pipes via welding methods and non-welding methods. See our other article here detailing the ways in which HDPE pipes can be connected.

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